How To Care for Your Steorras Jewelry Pieces

How To Care for Your Steorras Jewelry Pieces

At Steorras, we are committed to creating thoughtfully-crafted, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry inspired by the cosmos, nature, and how they coincide together. With such unique jewelry pieces, it is important to know how to care for them. In today’s post, we will go over some key steps in ensuring your special, fine jewelry from Steorras looks as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on it! Keep reading and shop our collection today.

Store Your Jewelry in a Clean, Dry Place


Store Your Jewelry in a Clean, Dry Place

While this may be a given, many of us are guilty of tossing our fine jewelry on our nightstands, vanity, or other unsafe places when we are not wearing it. The best place to store your fine jewelry is a safe, dry place, such as a fabric-lined jewelry box or anti-tarnish bag.

Avoid Jewelry Damaging Chemicals


Avoid Damaging Chemicals

Hairsprays, lotions, perfumes, and other daily beauty products help us look our best but, unfortunately they can be damaging to fine jewelry if applied while wearing them. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are fragile, making them susceptible to discoloration from these products.  Always put your jewelry on last to avoid any damage. 

Use Mild Cleaners for Regular Jewelry Cleanings

Use Mild Cleaners for Regular Cleanings

When caring for your Steorras necklaces, earrings, and other fine jewelry, always clean using a soft cloth, warm water, and detergent-free soap. Do not use any abrasive cleaning products.

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When in Doubt, Take it Off

If the thought crosses your mind, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this while wearing my jewelry,” your gut feeling is probably right! Swimming, working out, gardening, and cooking preparation are just a few of the activities that could cause damage to your jewelry.

At Steorras, we understand that accidents happen, but with these tips, we are hoping your fine jewelry will maintain its sheen and shine while you explore and experience all that this world has to offer. If you are looking for more unique jewelry pieces for your collection, shop our fine jewelry pieces online today!