Paper Heart Pendant

Paper Heart Pendant

Lovely 14k Gold Heart Shape Pendant

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To love your imperfect heart!

Our 14k Gold Paper Heart pendant is a nostalgic reflection of our love for arts and crafts. It incorporates a small diamond to complete the look.

Let Love Take Flight: Get Your Paper Heart Pendant!

With delicate artistry, this necklace unveils a golden heart adorned with a small, sparkling diamond—a symbol of love's eternal flame. Like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, this pendant holds the whispers of affection that only the heart can understand. As you wear this captivating necklace, you carry the story of love's unwavering devotion. The gentle embrace of the heart pendant and the diamond's dazzling radiance mirror the depth of your affection, captivating the hearts of all who gaze upon it.

- Asymmetrical design

- 14k yellow gold pendant
- 13mm in height, 13mm in width, and 1.5mm in thickness
- 1 round 0.80mm diamond
- Available on its own or with 14k yellow gold, 0.9mm cable chain adjustable at 16”, 17”, and 18”
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