Selene Necklace

Selene Necklace

Selene 14k Yellow Gold and Turquoise Necklace

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Enjoy our natural turquoise Selene Necklace from Steorras! 

Celestial Splendor: Selene Gold Turquoise Necklace

In the enchanting realm of night, where moonbeams dance upon the tranquil sea, lies the tale of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Her celestial beauty and ethereal presence are captured in the breathtaking Selene Necklace made in 14k yellow gold and natural turquoise.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, this necklace embodies the essence of moonlit splendor. The gleaming gold entwines with the mesmerizing turquoise, a stone as enchanting as the moon itself. Like a shimmering reflection on tranquil waters, this pendant captures the magic of Selene's luminous realm. Let its celestial energy illuminate your path and inspire your inner radiance. With every breath, feel the whispers of Selene's moonlight guiding you on a journey of enchantment and discovery.

- Beautiful turquoise color that matches with everything

- 14k yellow gold
- 17 round natural turquoise
- 14.5 X 14.5mm round
- 14k yellow gold, 18” cable chain with lobster claw clasp
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