Snake Pendant

Snake Pendant

Exquisite 14k Gold Snake Pendant

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Explore a world of mystical allure with our exquisite green emerald 14K gold Snake Pendant. This captivating accessory entwines the essence of serpentine splendor and showcases the mesmerizing beauty of emerald.

Sleek and Stylish: 14k Yellow Gold & Green Emerald Pendant

This pendant unleashes the enchanting power of the snake, a symbol of transformation and rebirth. The vivid green emerald, held by the sinuous gold serpent, radiates an otherworldly charm that captures the imagination.

As you wear this remarkable pendant, you embody the strength and wisdom of the serpent, while the emerald imparts a touch of mystique. Let its presence be a constant reminder of your own transformative journey and the power that lies within.

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- Sleek and high polished design

- 14k solid yellow gold
- 2mm round genuine green emerald 
- 24mm in length and 10mm in width
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